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Agilent Pumps

If you’re running factory or laboratory processes under the most precise clinical standards, you need the technology to match. We’re the top distributor of Agilent Technologies pumps and diagnostic equipment in Australia. We have the instruments and pump technology specifically designed to meet the exacting demands of your scientific research project or industrial application.

Agilent Pumps Precision Technology

Agilent’s range of pump types and sizes offers you multiple options, so you can choose the right equipment for you. We also have Agilent measurement instruments, replacement components and accessories to help keep your operations running at high precision.

Rough to Medium Vacuum Models

agilent dual stage rotary vane pump

Rotary Vane High Vacuum Pumps. These versatile medium vacuum pumps have a wider range of precision applications, ranging from vacuum coating and metallurgy to liquefied natural gas transportation and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. Despite their power, Agilent’s models are relatively compact, quiet and easy to install.

agilent hermetic dry scroll pump

Scroll Pumps. If you need oil-free sustainable technology that’s quiet, dry scroll pumps are a clean alternative to rotary vane pumps. These are suitable for creating custom-built freeze-dryer units and specialised analytical lab instruments. These apply to hermetically-sealed gas recirculation, gas leak detection, substance extractions, or as backups for turbo pumps.

Medium to Ultra High Vacuum Models

high flow turbomolecular pump with controller

Turbo Pumps. We have the Agilent turbomolecular high to ultra-high vacuum pumps and controllers you need. These are capable of speeds from 70 to 2,300 litres per second and have been rigorously tested for robustness. Whether destined for a laboratory setup or industrial plant, these pumps have a broad range of applications. Use them for anything from manufacturing analytical instruments and nanotechnology to biological research and water safety systems.

modular combination turbo pumping system

Turbo Pumping Systems. We offer modular or integrated platforms that use Agilent turbomolecular pumps (or are combined with other pump types) and can be adapted to your specifications. These complete pumping solutions can be built as light turbo pumping stations, movable pumping system carts, or benchtop units,

High to Extreme High Vacuum Models

large high vacuum diffusion pump

Diffusion Pumps. These are HS and VHS diffusion pumps that can operate at speeds of 65 to 28,000 litres per second, maximising throughput while giving both pressure and stability. The patented high vacuum pump designs help minimise backstreaming and are ideal for processes like vacuum deposition, metallizing or soldering in electronics manufacturing.

ion vacuum pump with controller

Ion Pumps. We have a full range of Vaclon ion pumps that can handle pumping speeds between 0.4 to 1,000 litres per second in ultra-high to extreme high vacuum conditions, with low noise. These are critical components of medical imaging machines (e.g., MRI, X-ray devices) and sensitive instruments used in laboratory physics and medical research (e.g., electron microscopes, mass spectrometers, and particle accelerators).

Related Equipment

Agilent vacuum pump gauges controllers

Vacuum gauges and controllers. We have the gauges and controllers designed to be compatible with any Agilent pump. Whether it’s range-specific to rough or ultra-high vacuums, or registering the full vacuum range, we have the instruments you need to keep full control over your pumps. The controller will allow your team to operate as many as 12 gauges at a time, simultaneously or independently.

helium gas leak detector

Helium and multi-gas leak detectors. Get reliable gas leak detection with Agilent’s range of sniffers. These components are easy to install, simple to use, durable and accurate. They feature built-in application setups and automated start-up calibration. They can efficiently detect helium or various gas leaks in a wide array of research, safety, security, and industrial production applications.

Agilent pumps components fittings accessories

Vacuum components and accessories. Never run out of reliable hardware or replacement parts for your Agilent pumps and instruments. We offer the full range of Agilent-compatible pump system components, valves, adapters, couplings, hoses, and other vacuum fittings. We also offer sealants, greases, and lubricants to ensure your system components are well-sealed and in working order.

Flo-Max Expertise and Full Technical Support

gas leak detector safety inspection
Keep your safety inspections reliable with accurate multi-gas leak detectors and portable sniffers

At Flo-Max, we understand that your research projects and industrial processes require uninterrupted precision.

That’s why our technicians offer comprehensive maintenance and technical support throughout the pump installation and after. We’re familiar with Agilent pumps and components and can ensure your chosen equipment runs at optimum efficiency. Ask us for advice and assistance with preventive maintenance, repairs or augmentations. Our team is there to help you prevent downtimes from disrupting operations.

Gain more precision with the right technology

Meet the demands of your business with the cutting-edge pump technology we offer at Flo-Max. No matter where you are in Australia let us assist you. We will provide you with advice, more technical details, suitability, a price quote or a unit demonstration.

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