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Flo-Max vacuum pumps technology

Vacuum Pumps

Without today’s industrial vacuum pumps, entire industries and safety systems would not function. And if you’re running a business in manufacturing, food and beverage production, biochemical processing, pharmaceuticals and the like, you know how critical vacuum pump technology is to your company’s survival.

Flo-Max Industrial Vacuum Pump Models

Our advanced vacuum pump designs are created to meet the exacting demands of your enterprise. Discover how you can use our reliable and versatile vacuum pump solutions to control every aspect of airflow in your industrial processes and propel your business towards greater success.

You need efficient, durable and reliable pumps that can handle increasing requirements on your production lines or services. We understand this.

We provide the full range of industrial vacuum pumps needed to manage various industrial and scientific applications. Our technology is what you need to safely direct airflow, manipulate particulates, manage temperatures and contain gases. Our vacuum pumps can handle everything from low to ultra-high pressure ranges.

dry screw vacuum pumps

Dry screw pumps

Dry screw pumps are suitable for process applications requiring high vacuum and little to no pollution or effluence. No water or oil is needed for sealing or lubrication, leading to low maintenance costs. Benefits include low power consumption and high water vapor pumping capacity, while still capable of handling up to 3000 m³/h with vacuum levels of down to 0.05 mbar.

dry claw compressor

Dry-claw pumps and compressors

The frictionless alternative to rotary pumps can provide higher energy efficiency for medium to high vacuum applications. Perfect for situations where a constant vacuum and low-cost, oil-free operation are required.

diaphragm dry piston vacuum pump

Diaphragm and Dry-piston vacuum pumps/ compressors

These serve a variety of small to medium-sized dry applications (flows up to 365 l/min. or 22 m3/hr). Available
versions include diaphragm, linear piston, articulated piston, and peristaltic/roller pumps.

single stage rotary vane vacuum pump

Single-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps

These compact, versatile, lower-cost units are perfect for clean flow applications with rates of up to 3,000 m3/hr. Available for dry or flooded conditions

low noise rotary vane vacuum pump

High vacuum rotary vane pumps

2-Stage rotary vane vacuum pumps are suitable for both high and low throughputs with high ultimate vacuum and ultra-low noise level requirements.


  • Science and medical applications (e.g., reticulated medical and scientific laboratory vacuum plants)
  • Wastewater aeration and sewage evacuation
  • Vacuum-based processing, materials handling and packaging (e.g., drying, mixing, de-aeration, filtration, bagging)
  • Gas sampling and evacuation of activated and inert gas
  • Distillation
  • Tyre Inflation
  • Foam marking
  • Tank and pond aeration; live seafood transportation
  • Soil remediation
  • Printing and paper production
  • Heat treatment furnaces and de-gasification of molten metals
  • Semiconductor processing
  • Methane compression
  • Transformer oil drying
  • Pipeline drying

The Advantages of Using Flo-Max Vacuum Pumps

wastewater sewage vacuum pumps
Our vacuum pump technology can keep sewage treatment plants running for years to come.

Flo-Max doesn’t simply sell vacuum pump technology. We are the experts who designed it.

So you can rely on our engineers to help you choose and install the right models that best suit your operations. You can also have a complete system custom-built to more specific requirements. Whether you’re managing waste, manufacturing delicate electronics, or handling high temperatures and noxious gases, Flo-Max vacuum pump solutions will provide you with these advantages:

  • Superior Performance and Safety. Flo-Max has provided Australia with the best vacuum pump technology for over 40 years. Our pumps give you consistent and precise air and temperature control, resulting in higher-quality end products and improved process repeatability, which is crucial for meeting your own industry’s stringent quality and safety standards. We also provide full functional testing of most pumps.
  • Versatility and Adaptability. Our range of industrial vacuum pumps can easily be adapted to enhance your existing production line, system or operating conditions. Whether it’s in manufacturing, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage production, or semiconductor manufacturing, these pumps offer adaptability to diverse production environments.
  • In-Depth Technical Support. Flo-Max’s expert engineers can help custom-install your vacuum pump system according to your requirements. We will go through two months of rigorous testing with your team to make sure everything is safe and efficient. And you’ll still have our experts within easy reach afterwards, in case you need advice on additional modifications or upgrades.

Ready to increase safety and efficiency in your processes?

Flo-Max doesn’t simply sell vacuum pump technology. Our team of engineers have the years of experience and expertise to provide the right support and advice.

You can count on Flo-Max to improve your operations. Reach out to our experts today and request technical details, a price quote or a demonstration. It’ll be your first step towards solving whatever pumping requirements you have right now.

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