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Flo-Max industrial pumps

Flo-Max Pumps

Flo-Max’s precision engineering can optimise your small to medium industrial operations. Whether you require efficient drainage, circulation or irrigation, we have the solution for you. Our versatile range of standard turbine, submersible and axial-flow pumps will match your needs.


Flo-Max offers full propeller, submersible and turbine setups as well as related components.

Flo-Max turbine pump

Flo-Max Turbine Pumps


submersible industrial pumps

Flo-Max Submersible Pumps


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Flo-Max Axial Flow Pumps


Flo-Max impellers and components

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Turbine Pumps

Flo-Max Turbine Pumps are manufactured in Australia. There is a comprehensive range of sizes, from 5” (125mm) through to 32” (800mm), plus an extended range of axial flow pumps and larger turbines up to 54″ (1400mm).

We can also supply drive shafts, columns, bearing guides and rubber bearings for all models. All Flo-Max Turbine Pumps are also available in standard cast iron and gunmetal bronze for normal applications. Exotic materials such as duplex stainless steel and zinc-free bronzes are also available for more specialized applications.


  • Flows up to 3000 litres/sec
  • Heads up to 500 metres
  • Materials: Cast Iron, Zinc Free Bronze, Stainless Steel, Duplex Alloys, Special Materials


  • water supply
  • fire water
  • seawater
  • cooling water
  • irrigation
  • water treatment

heavy duty turbine pump

Submersible Pumps

Choose from any of our super heavy-duty pumps made for fully submerged or dry pit installations. Available with propeller, axial-flow channel or vortex-type impellers for optimum flows and heads manufactured in cast iron or stainless steel.


  • Heavy-duty flows up to 10,800m3/h
  • Heads up to 115 metres
  • Power up to 520 kW


  • mine water supply or transfer
  • wastewater
  • process water
  • raw sewage
  • industrial effluent
  • aggressive or corrosive drain water
  • sludge and drain water
  • sump de-watering
  • waste removal

Cast Iron Submersible Pumps
Cast Iron Submersible Pumps
Submersible Pumps Stainless Steel

Axial Flow Pumps

Flo-Max’s standard propeller or axial flow pumps provide high flow rates and are adjustable, so you can operate efficiently at varying conditions.


  • Standard submersible for high-flow rates (at low pressure)
  • Made with a variety of materials to suit every application, from corrosion-resistant plastics to cast iron and stainless steel alloys


  • Supplementary circulation of fluids (e.g., power plants, sewage digesters, evaporators)
  • Minor flood dewatering
  • Small to medium irrigation systems

Heavy Duty Propeller Pump
Cast Iron Propeller Pumps
High Standard Propeller Pumps

Spare Parts

We also offer spares parts and other critical components for our pumps. We can assist you in finding any replacement parts for your system. Please contact us for more information.

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