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We are Flo-Max Pumps, a leading Australian designer and manufacturer of vertical turbine, axial flow and borehole pumps.

Apart from manufacturing and supplying pumps of the highest quality, we have the design capability to provide you with the best engineering solutions for your specific industry needs.

The Flo-Max brand is owned by Redwest Nominees T/A Flo-Max Pumps, a privately-owned company. We began our business with the manufacture of vertical turbine and submersible pumps. Our team members come from a diversity of backgrounds with years of experience in various related technologies.

Today, we offer an array of additional pump ranges and vacuum products for installation in commercial buildings, municipal facilities, industrial warehouses, manufacturing, agriculture, scientific institutions, food & beverage, and all aspects of the power & energy industries. We export our products around the world as well.

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Our Vision

We stand for innovation and engineering excellence.

Our goal is for our products to be the most efficient pumps available on the market and to provide you with the best engineering solutions adapted to your environment and specific needs.

Company History

  • 2001 Redwest Nominees T/A Dynapumps NSW founded in Blacktown
  • 2001 Established Flo-Max vertical turbine and submersible bore pumps
  • 2004 Commenced manufacture of Flo-Max Axial Flow pumps
  • 2006 Expanded Blacktown premises
  • 2010 Flo-Max submersible sewage developed
  • 2012 Moved to larger premises in Seven Hills
  • 2015 Acquired Hills & Wills pump range
  • 2019 Expanded Seven Hills premises
  • 2020 Established 3D printing & scanning capability
  • 2021 Established engineering division for pump design
  • 2023 Renamed to Flo-Max Pumps
  • 2023 Established Air Control pump range
  • 2023 Established Engineered Pumping product range
  • 2023 Established Freeze Dryer product range
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