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Side Channel Blowers

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Your Side Channel Blower Specialists

When requiring side channel blowers, you’ve come to the right place. We are your airflow control experts. Because we know air pump technology like no one else in Australia. Since 2001, we’ve been dedicated to supplying clients like you with safe and reliable air pumps, even for the most delicate or hazardous of operations. We understand how critical it is for your side channel blowers to meet the highest standards of safety and reliability.

Air Control Expertise

wastewater flow management
We help future-proof your system with side channel blowers. Our engineers can size your blower to efficiently handle both current and maximum expected flows and pressures.

Side channel blowers are an essential component of many industrial processes and safety systems. Naturally, custom-fit side channel blowers are an integral part of our pump engineering expertise. Wherever gases, liquids or suspended particles need aeration, you will find our blower products.

Our specialist engineers can help you choose the right blowers for your application and make your operations run at maximum efficiency. If your processes have special requirements or are performed under more hazardous conditions, we can assist you with a bespoke solution.

Comprehensive Service

We are a team of engineers, not salespeople. When you partner with us, you acquire more than just pump technology. You get our dedicated technical support and documentation. We’ll steer the entire process, from installation and validation to operations launch and beyond. We’ll also be there to offer you guidance and support for maintenance and repairs. We will make sure your side channel blowers integrate flawlessly with your existing systems.

Enhanced Efficiency

Whether you’re engaged in food processing or wastewater and biogases, we have a blower ideal for your application. You can rely on our equipment to provide the delivery you require, ensuring maximum energy efficiency. Our range of models is the widest on the market. Higher pressures can now be achieved with the of lobe blowers.

Explore our range of side channel blowers today and experience the Flo-Max difference for yourself.

Flo-Max Heavy Duty Side Channel Blowers

Our side channel blowers are a quieter, lower maintenance alternative to positive displacement lobe blowers. They provide oil-less and contactless compression of gases. Our latest generation of blowers offer continuous discharge pressures of up to1 bar [14.5 psi] and flows of as high as 2,500 cubic metres per hour. Our low-noise blower solutions can save cost of acoustic enclosures required to silence noisy lobe blowers.

General Features:

  • Wide range of models to ensure the most efficient selection (e.g., single or double stage; single to triple impellers).
  • Wide range of electric motors available, configured in direct, belt or VSD drive.
  • Lower generated noise levels
  • Oil-free and contactless manipulation of airflow
  • Durable and reliable; little maintenance required

Ideal industrial applications:

  • Water supply treatment, aeration, and wastewater processing
  • Swimming pool filter back-wash
  • Aquaculture – Fish and shellfish farming
  • Large-scale construction and carpentry
  • Automatic car wash
  • Dental suction systems
  • Methane gas extraction
  • Soil and groundwater remediation
  • Gas emissions monitoring
  • Chemical processing
  • Dehydration or conditioning of farming produce
  • Particle conveyance in food processing – powders, grains, granules and suspensions
  • Carpet cleaning trucks
  • Sludge tankers
product drying side channel blowers
Side channel blowers have a wide range of applications such as pond aeration, air-knife dryers and suction devices.
aquaculture fish farming aeration side channel pumps
Side channel blower aeration at a fish farming facility

Available Side Channel Blower Models

Electric Motor-Driven Blowers

Our blowers are powered by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission)-compliant electric motors. You can choose from lower cost IE1 standard efficiency, or higher efficiency IE2 and IE3 motors in various blower configurations (i.e., 1, 2 or 3 stage versions).

  • Available in single-stage, double-stage, and three stage versions
  • Blower design and electric motor for low noise levels
  • IEC-compliant electric motors (IE2, IE3) help minimise overall energy consumption
  • Clean oil-free operation and minimal maintenance
IEC single stage single impeller side channel blower
Single stage single impeller model
IEC double stage double impeller side channel blower
IEC motor-powered double stage model
IEC electric motor side channel blowers double stage
IEC motor dual impeller model

ATEX Motor-Powered Blowers

For hazardous requirements, we have side channel blowers with upgraded motors. These blowers have ATEX-compliant motors (compliant with the European Atmosphere Explosible Directive),

  • Heavy-duty series
  • Available in single-stage, double-stage, and one to three impeller versions
  • ATEX-compliant motors for hazardous working environments
  • Lower running temperatures
atex standard motor side channel blower three stage
Three-stage 3RB Blower
enhanced motor side channel blower single stage blower
Single-stage 4RB Blower
ATEX motor side channel blower dual stage twin impeller
Dual-stage 4RB Blower

Available variations and configurations

Whichever side channel blower models you choose, we can further systemize the package to suit your particular operation.

  • Single stage, [1 impeller]. Ideal for achieving flow rates up to 1000 m³/h, at low with pressure/ vacuum levels reaching +/-400 mbar.
  • Double stage, [2 impellers in series]. Best used in situations that need limited flow demand, with pressure/ vacuum levels reaching +/-600 mbar.
  • Double stage, [2 impellers in parallel]. Double impellers allow for large quantities of suction air up to 1900+ m³/h, with pressure/ vacuum levels reaching +/-400 mbar.
  • Three-stage, [3 impellers in series]. with pressure/ vacuum levels reaching +/1000 mbar.
  • Enhanced safety features. Our blowers are IEC and ATEX compliant. However, if you’re seeking equipment for more demanding or extreme environments, our engineers can further customise your side channel blowers to your specifications. For instance:
    • Internal combustion or PTO motor drive.
    • Dust ignition-proofing (extra protection or insulation from particle ingress)
    • Flameproofing (e.g., built-in flame paths, special inner bearing covers, motor housing to contain internal explosions)
    • Non-sparking motors (no sparks or hot surfaces during operation)
    • Waterproofing (for applications involving water management, e.g., aquaculture and wastewater remediation)

We’ll also ensure that your specially-configured side channel blowers will work smoothly with other airflow pumps in your system.

water treatment plant aeration three stage 3RB blower
Three-stage 3RB Blower package configured for water treatment plant aeration

Raise Your Airflow Control and Efficiency

Looking to take your airflow control and safety processes to the next level? Work with us here at Flo-Max. Our experienced pump engineers are ready to help you raise efficiency. Get in touch with us today for advice, comprehensive technical details and a competitive quote.

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