• How A Lab Freeze Dryer Maximises Your Efficiency


    How A Lab Freeze Dryer Maximises Your Efficiency

    In today’s fast-paced realm of scientific research, achieving efficiency isn’t just a goal. It’s a necessity. Streamlined laboratory testing is what empowers medical researchers and scientists to find answers in the soonest time possible. And having the right lab freeze dryer is a key component of that efficiency.

    Flo-Max’s extensive work with laboratories across Australia has allowed us to see firsthand how effective a well chosen lab freeze dryer is in streamlining research processes. In fact, a few well-positioned freeze dryers have helped laboratories find cures to dangerous diseases — and thus, saved thousands of lives.

    Here’s a closer look at how these innovative machines can transform your lab operations.


  • Maintain Lab Samples Integrity With Benchtop Freeze-Dryers


    Maintain Lab Samples Integrity With Benchtop Freeze-Dryers

    Preserving laboratory sample integrity remains a key process in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food science and other related industries. The most efficient way to maintain lab samples is with freeze-dryers, which automate the whole operation for you. Lyophilisation (the process of freeze-drying perishable materials) usually involves machines designed for large-scale operations.

    However, freeze-drying is just as indispensable if you do smaller-scale research. We have been seeing a steady increase in the adoption of smaller freeze-dryers across laboratories of varying sizes. Your most likely model of choice is the benchtop freeze-dryer.

    So if you’re looking to maximise efficiency and have limited lab space, consider the advantages that benchtop freeze-dryers can give you.


  • Can A Freeze-Dry Machine For Your Home Save You Money in the Long Run?


    Can A Freeze-Dry Machine For Your Home Save You Money in the Long Run?

    You may have seen some companies and influencers promoting the use of a freeze-dry machine for the home. They say freeze-drying lets you keep and use more of your fresh produce, better than traditional pickling or canning. They claim that you’ll minimise food waste and maximise the number of meals you can get out of them — thus, increasing your savings and the power of your dollar.

    But how realistic is this? Do the long-term benefits of DIY freeze-dried family meals exceed the cost and effort to create them? Since Flo-Max is one of Australia’s foremost authorities on freeze-drying, we’re here to set the record straight.


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