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Case Study

Custom-Built Sump Pumps For A Fuel Import Terminal

A fuel import terminal in NSW needed our help in handling wastewater and seasonal floods at their site. So we custom-built their vertical column sump pumps at our Flo-Max facility.

High-capacity industrial sump pumps

custom sump pump design
The initial vertical sump pump design had a shorter column and discharge pipe, plus a different motor mounting.

Australian petroleum import terminals don’t just distribute fuel throughout the country. They must treat their wastewater and manage any on-site flooding from storms. Without the proper catchments, sumps and pumping systems, water can accumulate in places contaminated with dangerous petrol residue. The polluted water can then overflow into adjacent suburbs or wildlife conservation areas.

Our most recent client was one such terminal in New South Wales. To meet the safety demands of their site, they needed eight vertical column sump pumps. These had to be large and durable enough to handle murky or oil-contaminated non-saline water with occasional small solids.

Moreover, each sump pump had to have a drainage capacity of 278 litres per second, at pressures of 25 metres per head. The client also wanted each unit made with a specific type and thickness of steel. The pumps had to pass their capacity and chemical analysis tests as well.

Custom-designing centrifugal sump pumps

Leveraging our extensive experience in creating bespoke industrial sump pumps for the petroleum industry, we have the expertise and resources to undertake such projects efficiently. For this client, we engineered eight large centrifugal vertical column sump pumps. Over six months, we meticulously planned, designed, built, and tested these pumps to ensure they met the highest standards.

customised vertical column sump pumps
The pumps’ parts had to be made of anti-corrosive materials like stainless steel, galvanised mild steel and cast iron.
sump pump column discharge pipe
The finished pumps featured longer columns and discharge pipes, and new motor mountings with upper stuffing boxes (in case of floodwater mixed with noxious or toxic petrochemicals)
vertical sump pump IEC motor mount
Each of these vertical column sump pumps would be powered by a 90-kilowatt IEC-compliant electric motor.
vertical column sump pump impellers support plates
A side view of the sump pumps’ impellers and structural support plates. The physical assembly took us only a few weeks to accomplish. However, careful planning, revisions and repeated safety testing of each pump and its materials took us about 6 months in total.

Meticulous pump engineering you can depend on

sump pumps fuel import terminal drainage
The finished custom-built sump pumps, as seen after painting and other final touches. We added heavy-duty rigging slings to each pump to make hoisting safer and more balanced for the client’s crane or moving service.

At Flo-Max, we’re deeply passionate about custom-engineering pump systems. We get immense satisfaction from seeing clients like you succeed in your industry with our technology.

When you choose us as your partner, you’re gaining access to our dedication and expertise. We’ll invest all our time and knowledge into creating customised pumps that match your unique requirements and high standards. We’ll craft the best and most cutting-edge system for you. We can integrate sump pumps and side channel blower pumps into a complete water treatment operation. And should your build require it, we have an extensive network of suppliers ready to provide more specialised services or materials.

Plus, we can work with your preferred engineering services company for your project. Having been involved in Australia’s pump engineering sector for many years, we likely have an enduring work relationship with them. This can streamline the whole process even further.

Reach out to our engineering team today for the pump engineering solutions you seek.

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